About me…

I thought it was time for a new profile picture since the last one was from 2012. I loved the previous picture with my sweet Nestle, but this is the baby who helped fill the hole in my heart after Nestle died. This is Winnie, and she’s definitely a diva…she REFUSED to look at the camera! 🙂

By way of introduction to those who somehow find yourself on this site, I’m a wife, a mother of four, mother-in-law to three and grandma to five beautiful grandchildren.

At a very young age, I discovered the joy of getting lost in the fictional world of a good book, and as soon as I had the ability to do so, put pen to paper to create my own imaginary worlds. Since that time, my love for creating those worlds has grown into five faith-based novels, a British murder mystery, an award-winning time-travel trilogy for tween readers, and two award-winning children’s chapter books about a creature whose nose is as unique as her favorite pastime.

My desire in writing is to weave a story that will engage and entertain my readers while also causing them to reflect deeply on life. In a world that can so often be insensitive to suffering, I hope to draw the reader into an experience where they will ponder themselves and those around them anew.

I hope you enjoy the journey through each of my books, and when you close the cover on the last page, feel that you’ve gained something from having spent time there.

Let’s build something together.

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