Written In Time

Written In Time is the first book of the award-winning In Time series – a time-travel adventure in which twelve-year-old Emarie Gordon is transported to the year 1901 via the portal of an antique Underwood typewriter. In 1901, she meets wealthy sisters, Victoria and Emmeline Hill, and their servants, Lorna James and Stefan Cano. Through a series of adventures, Emarie’s ultimate mission is revealed and accomplished.

This adventure was written for the children of a friend of mine who asked me to write a story for them. It was so fun to read each chapter to them as it was finished and to witness firsthand their excitement as the story unfolded. Fun fact…the original inspiration for this story was an antique Oliver typewriter my daughter and son-in-law found for me at a flea market in Hartville, Ohio.

Available on Amazon: Written In Time

Cover Art: Michelle Mulligan

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