Stop and Sit Awhile

My husband and I went hiking a while back and came upon this moss-covered log on a pine forest trail. For some unknown reason, it caught my eye, and I spent at least five full minutes gazing at it. Not that I believe in talking trees, but it seemed to have a story to tell and I wanted to take the time to listen. By absorbing that moment instead of rushing away, a poem resulted. The story the moss-covered log had to tell was told. It was a valuable lesson I hope I won’t soon forget – that it’s always a good thing to stop and sit awhile.

 The Moss to the Tree

 Old friend,   
 You’ve fallen   
 But I will cover you with life

 There on the forest floor
 You lost your life and more  
 I make my vow to restore

 They saw you dying
 Walked by, disregarding
 They see me clinging     
 And they stop and wonder   
 Stop and ponder   
 Beautiful together 
 I knew you could be free
 Clothed in my fragility
 We blend in harmony

 I saw what they didn’t see   
 Your surrender and nobility   
 They see union in all its purity 

 Once, they looked at you
 Only when you grew
 They look at you anew    

 Old friend,   
 You’ve fallen  
 But I will cover you with life       

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