The Red Dress

In The Red Dress, twenty-eight-year-old Arabella Edwards is alone, on furlough, and having random panic attacks for the first time in her life during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. To keep herself busy and her mind off everything going on in the world, she decides to clean the attic of her 1845 home. In the attic, she discovers an old chest that she is drawn to for reasons she can’t understand. To her shock and surprise, she finds a beautiful, bloodstained dress from the 1800’s inside the timeworn chest. As the story unfolds, Arabella discovers many secrets about her home and the people who once lived there. With the help of her neighbors and her family, Arabella spends the next two months unraveling the mysterious and long-buried secrets of The Red Dress.

Available on Amazon: The Red Dress

Cover Art: Michelle Mulligan

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