Inspiration. We all need it in order to create. We can find inspiration in a person. We can find it in a favorite author. We can find it in a place. And one of those places for me is a beautiful cemetery in my hometown of Canal Fulton, Ohio. There’s a gravestone in that cemetery made into a bench. The name Myers is engraved into the stone. I have to believe that the Myers buried there believed in inspiration simply because they had their gravestone made into a bench. No one devoid of imagination could do something quite so wonderful. I spent many hours in this beautiful place as a teenager – pondering God, life and love and was inspired to write as a result of my time spent there. Inspiration is a gift. Let’s treasure that gift in all the wonderful and unlikely forms it may take!

“Come sit with meIn the garden of my past – We can tell each other – Of trees and grass It is scented and perfumed – Of rain and life – Its warm and cool – With shade and sunlight – And birds will join us – Singing their thoughts – Of fields and flowers and – Memories breezes have brought.” ~Geoffrey Fafard

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