The Untold, Told

In October of 2018, my husband and I sat in a restaurant across the street from this idyllic Bed and Breakfast in Bar Harbor, Maine. I fell in love with this ivy covered home and the lure of its history. My mind instantly raced with questions. Who had lived in the home when it was first built? Had it been a happily married couple? Or a wealthy, lonely bachelor? What joys and sorrows had filled the lives of the people who’d crossed its threshold through the years? Whose light was on in the upper right window? What is the love story of the couple walking up the sidewalk? Who is the man talking to them and why is he in Bar Harbor at this point in time? I realized in that moment that this is how stories are born…we have to get to the bottom of our questions. We have to know. And that quest to know unfolds into a story which must be told. What a privilege it is to unearth those stories and to weave them into words so that the untold can finally be told!

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