Back In Time

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably know by now that I love everything about the olden days – the gowns, the manners, the carriages, the homes – it all fascinates me and fills me with a sense of wonder! I love that time when things seemed far simpler and more gentle than our modern era. That love for the olden days prompted the setting of my award-winning In Time series where twelve-year-old Emarie Gordon travels through time to the distant past. Back In Time is the third and final book of my time-travel adventure series for tween readers and adults alike. 🙂 In this final book, the adventures of Emarie and her friends wrap up with one last mission in 1879 – and a surprise ending that will reveal why Emarie’s adventure in time began in the first place!

If you long for a time so different than the one we live in, check out Back In Time and the rest of the In Time series on Amazon!

Available on Amazon: Back In Time

Cover Art: Michelle Mulligan

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