We’re All Writers Now

My husband took this photo a few days ago and I posted it on Facebook with the caption…In the midst of crisis…beauty. As you’re all aware, the crisis I was referring to is the Coronavirus pandemic that has literally shut down the entire world. As thousands of people have said by now, these are unprecedented times. We’re living through a moment in history that will be discussed as long as there is history. These days have made me realize that we’re all writers now. Every article written, every tweet, every text, every email, every Facebook and Instagram post, every letter about this virus and its effect on the world is living, breathing history that will tell the generations that come after us the story of what we lived through during this pandemic. These written words will give the people of the future an insight into the best and worst of human nature during this this time and how it all played out. Our words will be a testament to who we are in the midst of crisis and where our hope lies. Words matter. They always have. But they especially matter now. Because now we’re all writers – and we’re recording with our words a vision of our experience that will be consumed and pondered for generations to come. So, let our words be true – but let them be wise and noble and worthy for the eyes that will see them long after ours have closed.

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