A few weeks ago, my husband took this exquisite photograph in a flower garden in one of our favorite state parks. The thing that immediately struck me about this image was the vibrancy of the colors. The green, the orange, the yellow, the black. Even the white in the background. All vivid. Vibrant. Gorgeous. It made me think about descriptive words and the vibrancy they bring to our writing. Searching for the words and phrases that will add color and texture to our writing can be an agonizing process. Yet, so worth it when we pinpoint that treasure. A burnished sunset. A soul-deep agony. A split-second decision that lands us on the precipice of Hades. An open wound that bled repentance. An ice-cold stare. A tsunami of emotion. These glorious descriptions cause our words to pulsate with life. They are the color we search for as if for gold.

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