The Ever-Watching Eyes

I seem to have a theme going with using my husband’s nature pictures with my posts. 🙂 For good reason, I think…he’s an amazing photographer! He captured this image of a Praying Mantis at a beautiful state park near our home. The way it’s looking at the camera seems almost fierce. As if it’s gazing at you with a challenge in its eyes. Watching you. I found a parallel between its watching eyes and the ever-watching eyes of the editor. The editor who constantly prods us to put in the difficult work of making our manuscript as perfect as it humanly can be. The editor who charges us to comb the same work again and again for mistakes. The editor who challenges us to be more succinct. To plumb the depths of our creativity for a better way to word something. Who forces us to rethink the minutia of plotting. We may not enjoy the ever-watching eyes of the editor while we’re writing, but in the end, we’re so thankful for the unique gift the editor brings to the process. We come to truly value those ever-watching eyes for what they mean in the production of a polished and professional manuscript.

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